Covid-19: warnings and information for the business world

What to do in my company in case of suspected cases? What if it is a confirmed infection? Should I send him/her home or to the doctor? What benefits can I ask for due to the effects of this crisis?

The repercussions on businesses, in all types of markets and industries, are as many and as extensive as the questions that can arise in all areas of business, labour, tax and legal. That is why we have created this section, trying to answer as many questions as possible and to help you in the face of the undoubted impact this situation is having on your business. We feel confident that following this guide and our recommendations is the best way to prepare for and succeed in the future.

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    Following you will find links to the reference contents. Two topics that we consider of vital importance. Further down on this page you will find the total content and information we have been providing over these months on issues related to the Covid-19.

    First, we recommend that you read carefully these tips on how to act in the company.

    Secondly, make sure you have a protocol for action in Prevention of Labour Risks against Covid-19.

    Do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any questions or problems that arise in relation to the extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19.

    Important documents

    Covid-19 mobility receipt

    justificante movilidad Covid

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    Covid-19 recommendations

    recomendaciones covid-19

    Safety distance measures

    medidas de separación

    Major force TERF process

    pasos ERTE

    Postponement tax procedures

    procedimiento aplazamiento deudas tributarias
    Articles about the Covid-19 in the company

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