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Legal consulting in Madrid. Providing added value to all stages of development of your business.

The legal consulting services that Arrabe Integra provides for companies, the self-employed and private individuals will help you to resolve any issues arising from the enforcement of rules, laws and regulations. Our specialist lawyers will find the best solution tailored to your needs.

Discover the legal consulting services that we can offer to you. Get in touch and our professionals will take care of everything.

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    Legal consulting Madrid

    Legal consulting services

    We have a legal area that specialises in company law who will solve any recurring or one-off problems affecting corporate, contractual or trading relationships, or any linked to the company’s own business activities.

    Corporate law

    We offer bespoke advice to the company throughout every stage of its development. By gaining a keen insight into the company and coordinating with other areas of our firm, we provide a tailored response to any contractual matters that arise, managing any corporate issues involved.

    Commercial Law Department

    • Company incorporation.
    • Drafting minutes for ordinary meetings and submitting them to the Commercial Register online.
    • Routine amendments to by-laws: changing address, changes in the board of directors, removal and appointment of offices, powers of attorney, transfer of company shares.
    • Corporate restructuring: capital increases and reductions, mergers, split-offs, removal of members, dissolution.
    • Shareholder agreements.
    • Advice on running Meetings: calls, minutes, online submission and enforcement of adopted resolutions.
    • Advice for Boards of Directors: calls, attendance, voting to adopt resolutions and recording the foregoing.

    Commercial Contracts

    The binding content of contracts will determine relations with suppliers, clients, business partnerships and possible causes for termination. We therefore take great care when drafting such contracts to tailor them to the client’s true activities and scope and, drawing on our experience, we anticipate any potential conflict situations, negotiating terms and conditions.

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA).
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).
    • Agency and distribution agreements.
    • Franchise and business partnership agreements.
    • Loan agreements (special care is taken with related party transactions).
    • At the beginning of our service, we assess the degree of compliance in this matter, issuing an internal audit report including proposals and requirements.

    Property law

    Conveyancing is a complicated procedure because it combines tax, legal administrative, financial and other matters. With this in mind we create a specific team depending on the nature of each case to be able to give the client a comprehensive solution.

    We advise our clients on:

    • Designing the right legal framework to ensure tax optimisation.
    • Transferring real estate assets: premises, houses, plots of land, business units.
    • Specific clauses, guarantees, deferred payments.
    • Swaps, leasing, lease-back.
    • Leasing all kinds of premises and industrial buildings in shopping centres.

    We give the client comprehensive support throughout the transaction, from sourcing funds to registering the asset.

    Family and inheritance law

    The trust that our clients have built up in us over the years means that they entrust us with extremely personal matters, including inheritance or marital conflicts. We come to our clients’ defence in these critical times by sitting down to listen and understand them.

    Inheritance Law

    Properly planning testamentary dispositions can prevent family problems and ensure considerable tax optimisation. Our legal and tax team coordinate their work on:

    • Drafting wills and legacies.
    • Awarding inheritance.
    • Donations.
    • Setting up and ending life interest trusts.
    • Corporate succession.

    Family Law

    By putting the person first and foremost, we provide advice on:

    • Settlement of joint property.
    • Financial assets of the marriage.
    • Separation agreements.
    • Common-law marriage.


    Our team of lawyers always strives to settle any conflict out of court to avoid long, costly and risky legal proceedings.

    We give our clients honest and objective advice so that they make the right decisions and we negotiate on their behalf.

    When we cannot avoid legal proceedings, we advise the client right from the outset, thanks to our availability, establishing pre-litigation strategies to put them in the best position possible.

    Our main fields of work are:

    • Labour Jurisdiction: objective or disciplinary dismissal, payment claims, penalties, substantial changes to employment terms and conditions.
    • Civil Jurisdiction: unpaid claims, evictions, separation and divorce, legal division of inheritance, incapacitation.
    • Commercial Jurisdiction: challenging corporate resolutions adopted at meetings, derivative actions against shareholders, transport compensation.

    Our clients and what they think about us

    Arrabe Integra es la mejor asesoría fiscal que he utilizado, la recomiendo mucho.
    Manoel Cozzolino
    Manoel Cozzolino
    10. Julio, 2023.
    Grandes profesionales. Muy buena experiencia, da gusto contar con ellos. Los recomiendo.
    Eduardo Martin
    Eduardo Martin
    10. Julio, 2023.
    Llevamos muchos años con los servicios Arrabe Integra en la empresa e incluso particular y esperamos seguir otros muchos años más.
    Maribel Sipos
    Maribel Sipos
    9. Julio, 2023.
    Firma de total confianza.Mi gestor me ha demostrado en los últimos cuatro años una gran profesionalidad y disponibilidad. Aunque no soy residente en Madrid sigo siendo su cliente y pienso continuar siéndolo.
    Pilar Lopez-Leza
    Pilar Lopez-Leza
    7. Julio, 2023.
    Excepcionales, unos profesionales, siempre dispuestos,. Muy contento con el servicio y con mi gestor Miguel.
    Juan Ig.
    Juan Ig.
    7. Julio, 2023.
    I have been using Alberto Riaño's services for my family's tax returns for 3 years and he gets my highest recommendation. His advice is always thorough, detailed, and clearly explained, and he goes the extra mile for his clients taking the time to explain all different options. Many thanks Alberto!
    James Butterfield
    James Butterfield
    20. Junio, 2022.
    Muy contento con mi experiencia con Arrabe Integra. No sólo el trato ha sido excelente; sino que sus tiempos de respuesta y asesoramiento son inmejorables. Altamente recomendables.
    Nicolas Vicente
    Nicolas Vicente
    26. Agosto, 2021.
    Llegué a Arrabe Integra por recomendación. No eran los más baratos pero me sugirieron que con estos asuntos no merecía la pena arriesgarse. Entendí el mensaje y probé. Estoy encantado, consiguieron capitalizar mi paro para arrancar el negocio, conseguí subvenciones, me mantienen puntualmente informado de toda clase de ventajas fiscales y laborales. Aquí sigo sin intención de moverme.
    Juan Casanovas (Jumanjisolar)
    Juan Casanovas (Jumanjisolar)
    1. Junio, 2021.
    Atención rápida y eficiente sobre una consulta de fiscalidad de no residente
    Guillermo M Al
    Guillermo M Al
    1. Junio, 2020.
    Desde hace más de seis años, trabajo con el equipo de Arrabe. Me han acompañado desde el inicio de mi empresa, prestándome los servicios que requería en cada momento al más alto nivel. Un equipo de grandes profesionales, siempre atento a mis necesidades y muy proactivos.
    MBE 278 Madrid
    MBE 278 Madrid
    1. Octubre, 2019.

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