How we work

Always by your side, offering the best professional service and the best management tools
At Arrabe Integra our services are carried out based on four perspectives that enable us to provide scalability to the needs of our customers.

Relations with public authorities, our customers, cloud environments and management of our internal processes are all part of our service model that we want to share with our customers. Thanks to all of the above, at present we are one of the leading companies within the sector.

Our People

The internal methodology of Arrabe Integra’s team of professionals is focused on providing the best possible service to our customers, not only in terms of management and guidance, but also in terms of prevention:

  • Foresight: We implement internal protocols that enable us to anticipate or proactively react to our customers’ needs within the labour, tax, accounting and legal environment.
  • Personalisation: Thanks to our model, our customers can identify how and who can meet their needs.
  • Internal planning: We have in-house control, organisation and internal planning protocols in order to ensure that 100% of our customers receive a homogeneous service.

Technological Solutions

We offer our customers the possibility of accessing different collaborative platforms in cloud environments to ensure the shared management of the service and collaboration between Arrabe Integra and our customers:

  • Cloud Employee Portal: Communication between our customers and their employees from our platform.
  • Onasesor: Access to our invoicing, accounting and communication cloud platform for freelancers and SMEs that want to work in technological environments, but with the guarantee of a personalised service.
  • Cloud accounting: For customers that manage their accounting independently and require regular tax and accounting consulting and revision.

Internal Processes

At Arrabe Integra we implement internal control and security processes, through different procedures, in order to protect all data and information pertaining to our customers:

  • We maintain security and confidentiality systems for customer information.
  • Encrypted documents in a secure environment, with automatic backups, providing access to different user or confidentiality profiles.
  • We incorporate internal security protocols associated with data redundancy.

Public Administration

At Arrabe Integra our service model incorporates all of the necessary means and channels to facilitate, streamline and develop our customers’ relations with the public administration.

  • Direct communication with our customers regarding the most important legal changes that directly or indirectly affect their activity.
  • Management of electronic certificates.
  • Receipt of electronic notifications from the different administrations.
  • Preventive communication regarding tax measures that can lead to tax savings or prevention of possible incidents with the administration.