Family-owned companies

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Family-owned companies require consulting services to protect the interests of the activity and all of its members, in accordance with the responsibilities of each of them within the strategic plan of the company and its organisation.

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    family-owned companies

    Consulting services to Family Businesses

    Our team of specialized advisors in family-owned companies always provide their experience and training. In order to do that we focus on the planning and regulation of internal relationships, development plans and corporate succession. You will have a coordinated team between all areas of legal, labor and tax service areas. Therefore, this is a team prepared for a comprehensive management that will be able to resolve any possible, present or future situation of every family-owned companies that trust us.

    Family-owned company

    • Corporate organization, governing bodies.
    • Succession of the management and ownership of family-owned companies.
    • Financial viability and business development plans.
    • Shareholder agreements and regulation of remuneration and the performance of duties.
    • Taxation of family-owned companies. Efficient structures.
    • Tax management of the company, its shareholders and its administrators.
    • Legal and tax analysis of investments.
    • Legal and tax analysis of change of ownership transactions. Succession, donation, sales and purchases.
    • Implementation of systems to ensure regulatory compliance and good governance.
    • Representation during inspections.

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