Financial Consulting Madrid

Financial consulting. From obtaining financing to cashflow management

Fully aware of the needs of companies in the pursuit and management of financial resources, at Arrabe Integra we have the necessary experience and collaboration agreements to develop different forms of financial coverage for our customers.

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    Financial Consulting Madrid

    Financial consulting services for companies

    Businesses are faced with factors that affect their finances every day. Therefore, having a financial plan adjusted to the needs of the business is essential.

    Relying on the financial consulting of external professionals can be the key to having an objective vision that helps to adjust said economic and financial plan. In addition, with our collaboration, our financial advisers will look for the indicated mechanisms at all times and according to needs.

    General Advise

    Within the financial advisory area we will work in three different ways:

    • First, we will work on the aforementioned financial and treasury viability plan.
    • Second, we will arrange financing when necessary. For example, managing the request for ENISA Plans, AVAL Madrid, business banking, etc.
    • Finally, there is financial management, treasury control, and resource planning.

    Management control services

    The consultants of the different areas of Arrabe Integra work in the management control of our customers. We are proactive in the proposal of management improvements of companies thanks to our detailed study.

    Being aware of the evolution of our business and having an information system that allows us to understand and value our decisions is becoming an important requirement for companies.

    Here are some of our management control services for companies.

    Preparation of the economic and financial budget for the financial year

    • Adaptation of the accounting plan and accounting practices to the budget framework.
    • Analytical accounting for each project.
    • Projected profit and loss account for the financial year. Monthly and at year-end.
    • Cash flow forecast, indebtedness and financial expenses for the financial year.

    Management reports

    • Preparation and analysis of Management Control Reporting in the format requested by the parent company/administrative body.
    • Application of IFRS.
    • Deviation analysis. Tax planning for the financial year.
    • Other: support with regards to the information required by the company’s Administrators or Shareholders as an extension of the Financial Statements.

    Preparation of annual accounts and management reports

    • With annual implementation of the regulations of the Spanish Accounting and Auditing Institute (ICAC) in this regard.
    • Guidance and Coordination during the External Audit procedure.

    Partial outsourcing of administrative process

    • The issue of invoices.
    • Forecast of receipts and payments on expiry on a monthly basis.
    • Cash flow administration and management.
    • Supervision and control of credit lines.

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